Am I wrong? who's wrong? Am I a jerk?

I'm dating this girl right and pretty much everything is cool. she's a bit annoying ( like most girls ) but other than that we had good time. Fast forward to Prom. We live in different States and her dad doesn't know about me and she's really afraid of him. She made her go to Prom with someone else and I got really mad and broke it off. Question: am I wrong? P. s she keeps contacting me but after a while I realized that I'm not attracted to her anymore because she's really overweight and doesn't plan on losing weight anytime soon.


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  • Yeah I think you're pretty much a jerk, for that you're not attracted to her anymore just because she's overweight. That means that you didn't really like her, in the first place. & for the prom part, I think she's at fault for not telling you that she went with someone else ( if she didn't tell you )

    • It's not a damn crime to not being attracted to someone who keeps putting on weight and she told me before hand

    • Since she's force to go to the prom and she told you that, then I don't think she's culpable for it.

  • The way you're telling it, ot seems like it won't work and well if yoire not attracted to her bc she's overweight, thats your preference, but be conscious that the way you worded it makes you seem like a not-so good guy

  • you're the jerk

  • How about u be nice and there wouldn't be issues

  • so your 21 and where going out with girl in high school?


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