Did I screwed our friendship by making a confession and asking about what does she felt?

We're friends for about 7 to 8 month's , it was going ol gud but then i confessed her about my feelings for her nd asking what does she felt about me and she simply said she doesn't feel anythng for me , but we both knw it was more thn friendship that's why i felt like i should confess, and from there we stopped having conversations that we used to have , and slowly everything between us fall apart , now its been 5 months we haven't talked to each other, now i m missing her , did i screwed up? any advice


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  • Just try to reach out to her and tell her that you miss her company and friendship. Tell her that you're willing to just be friends if that's what she prefers. If she says yes just play along and if she doesn't come around just leave it alone and go hunting for for another girlfriend, your young don't get caught up in the drama too long.

    • Thnkyou and i have 1 more ques if u dont mind answering , actually approx 1 mnth bck she posted a story on insta saying ok bye and i replied to her story nxt day asking "Whre?", but from then she hasn't used insta nd even she didn't replied my text on fb that means she isn't using facebook also, its been a month I m trying to reach her out , should i text her friend with whom i never had any conversation before her friend is my insta friend...

    • You can text her friend if you like. Be casual so start with a simple hey. Should she ask who you are just say you friends with the girl that you liked or casualy add it in at the beginning of your conversation. After you have stated that you're friends with the girl just ask where she's been cause she hasn't posted in a while. This will create a window for you to talk about the girl. Hope this helps.

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