How to cope with a boyfriend who has no money?

So.. here's my story. Warning : if you are a broke frustrated guy or a judgy-eyed girl please back off. Anyway, for those who would like to give me a piece of advice : I met this guy almost 2 years ago, and we ve been living together in the same house for 6 months. The issue here is : he has changed like 4 jobs during this period, and he never has money on him... when we go out for dinner- i pay, when we go at the pool- i pay , at the mall-i always pay. This month i even paid rent and every other house utilities. I am getting so tired of being the man in this relationship.. in our city , without experience in a job he can win maximum 500 € per month.. which means not even 10% of our expenses.
Issue is- i grew attached to him and i don't know how could i leave him... i know this is not the life i want , but something always keeps me in this relationship. God i wish this never existed :(
How to cope with a boyfriend who has no money?
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