My boyfriend hates me! Please help?

so my boyfriend and I work together recently Seitched birth control and he's aware of that... we had sex and I felt the need to get girl advice and ask some co workers if they thought it would be safe to take a plan b to avoid pregnancy... they went to tell him I was trying to get pregnant on purpose he feels betrayed he hates me at this point he says it's not what was said but the fact that I kept it from him he said if I would of just asked him I tried apologizing and begging him to forgive me for keeping that from him but it didn't work I don't want to lose him any guy advice as to how I can make things better?


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  • Maintaining successful business relationships is never easy. But if you really want this man to be yours. Don't be afraid to tell him just that let him know. And if he still rejects you well he is not for you, and if you end it don't fall for it when he is running back and apologizing. The trust has been lost and the only way to regain it is to open up completely. Be gentle if you see that he has realized his mistake, but be cautious, Love respect and understanding are keys to every relationship. Having love only can work for some but it is best to have 2 out of 3.

  • Dont talk to co workers about your sex life


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