Ended 2 year relationship 3 weeks ago. Still having a really hard time. Tried to delete pictures of her from my phone and I can't do it?

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  • get over it. it's over. hanging onto what was make what could be never happen. just deleate the photos and move on

  • Two years is a long time. It's totally normal to take more than three weeks to get over that. It may even take a few months,, and that's normal. Ending a serious relationship with someone who you really care (d) about is one of the most emotionally difficult things a person can go through. I took over a year to get over my previous three year relationship. I probably should have done some things differently and gotten over it sooner, but my point is, these things take time. You need to allow yourself to grieve and naturally let go. It's okay to have a mourning period. It's normal.

    • But that's not to say that moping endlessly is productive. If you can get yourself to delete the photos and get rid of any reminders, that will help you move on faster. Here's a tip that helped me a lot during my breakup: If you can't get yourself to permanently get rid of stuff, close it all up in a box and hide it somewhere out of site. You can even put photos and files on a flash drive so that you know you can access them later if you want to. That way you get all those reminders out of the way and give yourself a fresh start, without making things emotionally harder on yourself by feeling the loss of all those memories. Eventually you might choose to completely throw that stuff away, but that's a choice you can make later on.

  • u need to talk im here i just got out of a abusive relationship 2 days ago


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