I'm doing NC on my ex girlfriend. Think it's working?

She broke up with me at the last week of May. Said she needed space and wanted to be friends. I told her I'm not interested in friendship. I immediately went into no-contact.

Things she has been doing over time:
-Starts texting me almost everyday within the first week. (Kept my responses short and respectful as we do see each other at the same place quite a bit)
-She texted me once saying i was only in it for the sex but when I would see her at a place she would be friendly.
-Starts flirting around with someone from the same place that i know she doesn't like (she told me when she was with me)
-Would have her back facing me quite a lot for about 2 weeks
-Then one day, starts being extremely playful and teasing me a lot. Even play fighting me. I would always keep my distance though and act as if she doesn't bother me.

-Looks at me a lot and even stares according to my colleagues at the place.
-still play fighting with me
-I walked by her completely ignoring and she cracked a bit saying "you can't keep ignoring me"
-Still ends up teasing me but not as in your face.

Seems like she is going to crack. I want her back but because she ended it, she needs to take initiative. give me your thoughts!


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  • No more games just tell her you aren't ignoring her. Hang out with her more and start a new relationship with her. See where it goes


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