I've been single for too long and don't understand why?

why is it so hard to find someone


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  • a lot of people are single , I don't think its necessary hard to find someone , maybe some people are becoming more picky about who they date and so stay single longer


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  • Life is unfortunately lonely for many of us. It sounds like you may be looking for something very specific in someone and simply haven't found it. There's nothing you can do about that besides hang in there and stay positive.

  • Like nerver had any girlfriend or single for a long time after break up?

    • I had many relationship just can't find the one I guess

    • Wait for the right one it is like a filter for getting to the perfecr one for you and its fine at least you have some relationship experience i never had any 😅😅 so there are people doing worse in this department and you are 19 lol enjoy

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