When in a long term established now unhappy unsatisfied failing relationship would everything seem like he's using me?

Less involved less being together seems like he doesn't care. More kissing up acts, acts everything's ok most times, sometimes ignoring, plain boring, like only handling bills and important things, also doing things going places without each other


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  • How do you feel towards him.
    My marriage used to be like this but we decided to do a massive turn around.
    It's never been better and we have had a second chance to fall in love.

    • Would you both consider marriage counseling?
      Married life can be difficult and most of us forget how to be a couple.
      Resentment filled my marriage and made us both feel cold towards each other.
      Honestly sitting down and talking out our problems infront of a marriage counselor was the last place that I thought we would end up. But it worked.
      If that option is not for you I'll suggest a book for you to read. Dr John Gottman 7 principals of marriage, read it and then ask your husband to as well.
      He has a website that has a lot of useful advice too.

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  • Have you talked about it?

    • Nope not really. Some days we try better then other days we don't either just because or because of something that made us mad, disappointed or just busy with other things

    • Have you considered couples counseling?

  • Just break up.


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