What should I do about my ex? I want to break our NC?

Hello so my ex boyfriend broke up with me almost a month ago now saying he had lost his feelings. He was already confused about his feelings nearly a month before he told me. He said he wasn't ready for a serious relationship and wanted a break and needed space , also because exams were coming up, and it really broke me because it came all out of the blue. I loved our relationship, we were never fighting, only had little discussions but nothing more, we were really happy and he also acted like it until the day we broke up :/ He left me really confused without any reasons, he told me none of it was my fault but I kind of doubt that... After some thinking, I think I might know why he lost feelings but Im not sure. I just think it is because it really became a routine that I hung out with him and his friends every weekend rather than with my friends? But Im not sure, maybe because I acted too clingy because I am such an emotional person..
Anyway, I'm so hurt and I miss him so badly. Its been 3 weeks since we last spoke. He told me he felt really sorry for me but also that I can text him whenever there's something. He is a real good guy and I miss talking to him so badly. He said he may want to stay in contact or be friends or something.
But why won't he just text me and break the NC after 3 weeks? Does he really need that much space? Do I have to contact him first? I need help
What should I do about my ex? I want to break our NC?
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