Ex husband wants to be friends and his girlfriend is trying to be super helpful to me and my kids. Both of which make me wanna gag.. what to do?

Haven't seen my ex In years no contact from him to me or the kids. Shows up to court wanting to see the kids which is fine but now wants to be friends says he still considers us family.
Also his girlfriend apparently has my number and is asking how she can help with my kids.. i don't even fucking know this women.
  • Ignore him
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  • Tell him why I just can't.
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  • Tell him and her do not contact me.
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  • Tell him to keep it to kids business and her not to contact me ever again
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  • Let him be their dad.
    Why can't you get along, it's best for the kids.

    • We get along just fine first of all.. second trust me I know what's best for my kids.. But that doesn't mean I want to be his friend and go out for drinks or talk about jokes and fun times in the past. I'd like to keep it friendly when it involves the kids and non existent when it comes to me and him. I am civil and friendly but I do not want to be his friend or his gfs for that matter.

    • You don't need to be best friends with either of them.
      Maybe they are acting out of guilt.

  • well maybe she's tryna be helpful and encouraging on his behalf on being a better father but it makes sense how you feel I'd be like bitch mind your own business but you should see how it plays out

    • It's more so of I have never even met her and she is acting like we are best buddies... ummm if she wanted that she should of had him come see his kids asap.. not go off a have fun for almost 3 years. Smh friendship is earned

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    • Yeah nope. No thank you! I'm gonna keep this like a business transaction. No friends in business

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