Why would my ex view my ig/sc stories but not like my pictures?

Im confused? Why does he still follow me tho?


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  • he is just being nosey... human nature but wouldn't see it as anything else

  • so he can still see how happy you are


What Girls Said 1

  • To be completely honest, it's just social media. He's not liking your pictures because he doesn't really care.

    I do the same things with people, as I have a lot of people on sc and ig.

    I view peoples stories all the time, I just don't really pay attention to whose they are. And I wouldn't unfollow them because I have no specific reason to.

    So really, I think he's just going with the regular flow of social media. It doesn't mean anything.

    Like half the people who watch my snap story don't like my pictures. They just watch everyone's snap stories/instagram stories.

    Anyway, I hope this helped!

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