If you really love them, let them go?

Guys: have you ever remained in a relationship just because it was "convenient"?

If so, what eventually made you split up?


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  • I don't know if this applies, but I'm gay and I fell in love with my best friend who also turned out to be gay. We became really close and I told him a lot of times that I really loved him, but he never accepted his sexuality enough to really act on it. He would go back and forth saying he loved me too, but that God wouldn't accept it or that he wanted me to never leave him, but stay with him as a non-sexual partner for the rest of out lives.

    I'm good looking, I'm 16, so none of those "solutions" really appealed to me, but I loved and still do love him. For a year and a half I was stuck in this confusing, undefined "relationship" until one day I realized that it was draining me. It was emotionally abusive on his part because he would bring me up and then toss me down, so when he was in one of his "don't talk to me I don't want to be gay" moods, I ended the relationship. Even afterward he would ignore me for a month and then randomly text me or something trying to fix things, but I've finally had enough.

    I guess it wasn't really "convenience", but it was comfortable believing that he would eventually accept himself and love me back. I ended the relationship when I realized that I was fooling and hurting myself.

    • This sounds like manipulative behaviour: convenient for him, when he wanted it to be. Disregarding your feelings in all of this.....

      Selfish! You're worth more than that!

  • Yep its like an old pair of comfy shoes warn in, no blisters, know what to expect to drama, no hassles, easy...

    • But your old pair of comfy shoes will, eventually, break.

      Don't you think the same applies to a relationship? The other DOES feel what you will project to them....

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