He never calls to say goodnight anymore.

He use to call all the time to say goodnight, but now he just gives excuses of why he never calls, and he says earlier in the day, (when he talks to me from a max to 20 min when he use to talk to me for hours) he tells me earlier in the day, out of the one time he calls (when he use to call 3 times a day or more...) and he says that he will call later that night but he never does, like its no big deal, I've said that it bugs me before and he said he understood, but he still does it, all I want is a simple call from my boyfriend to say goodnight like other boyfriends do and like he use to... But when I do talk to him, he's all for me, saying he loves me SO much, and that he misses me SO much, I honestly think that's bull. He's really fake to me. Like I seem like he puppy loves me a little too much, so much it's fake.

I like it, but he says he loves me, doesn't show it much... I mean all I'm asking for is a couple calls like he use to, is there a possibility he's talking to another girl during the day or is tired of me, I think I'm a really good girlfriend, I don't really get mad at him, only when I feel hurt, but it's reasonable, (not like crazy girlfriend mad), just normal relationship talks but we barley fight at all. Idk, I just feel kinda hurt that he doesn't call anymore, like he doesn't wanna talk anymore. I don't want him to call though if he doesn't want to, what's done is done, if he started calling cause I want him to id be even more fake, should I break up with him? I love him but I'm the kinda girl who knows what's best for me and if I'm not being treated right I don't let my emotions hold me back from doing what's best for me.


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  • not as emotionally attached as you, maybe you should throw in the towel

    • He said I love you too, and when ever I get mad at him, he's the one breaking down, not me.

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