Why was he still liking my instagram pictures if he was planning on breaking up with me?

I know this is dumb, but my boyfriend was apparently unhappy and ended things a few days ago. I was totally blindsided by the breakup. Especially because he liked an instagram post of mine literally the day before he ended things.

Do you think the breakup was impulsive?


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  • No, I would imagine that he had considered it for some time and just finally got around to doing it. The instagram like was probably just a residual bit of confusion before he did what he knew he wanted to do.

  • That's why I never like pictures pictures from girls, gives you ideas that I might like you.

    • But he was dating me for over a year, so he did like me. but then he broke up with me.

    • Might have been a random like, or he got used to like every pic you post. Anyhow for dudes likes on social media are like confetti, you just throw them.

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