How am I supposed to move on?

I've seriously been at this for like a year honestly. I got led on by a girl, and she was practically like everything my heart desired. I can't forget her and what she did to me. it pulls at me a lot to this day. I just thought about how I saw some of her baby pictures and old home videos of her back when we were still friends, and... -sigh- my heart just... nearly exploded, I just felt such a rush when I remembered that incident :( Like I seriously wish she could understand the extent of my feelings :'(

Instead I was just toyed with :'( I'm so confused too, I really miss her, but then again part of me doesn't want to ever see her again. I feel so alone. :(

I could have loved her right and for forever. instead, I just saw her selfish side :(


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  • You gotta get back out there and find someone that you can have a good time with whether it be a new girl, a best friend, or even family. Just get your mind busy and off thinking about her and you'll move on in no time.


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