My ex wife and her mind games?

my ex wife and I of 12 years, are pretty good friends today. I asked her who she was most in love with ever. her first love, the father of her boys the guy she is sing now who is pretty cool me or the guy she started sing before we got divorced. I wanted her to say me so I can try and fight to get her back but, I would understand any answer exempt the one guy she picked. the guy she had an affair with. it made me realize that I was never that important and so easy now to get over her finally after 2 years. she said it was the past and there might still be hope for us some day. how should I take this?


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  • Umm... why do you want her back? There are so many women out there so why would you pick someone who you not only divorced, but apparently someone who cheated on you?

    I mean, maybe I'm an unfeeling robot, but I was over my ex the moment the divorce was set in motion. Maybe even a year before that. I hardly ever think about her and given what you've said here, I definitely don't think you should be thinking about yours either.

  • I think you're not over her yet and need to be.

    it's not her mind games buddy, you're the one playing mind games

    • true I still love her but it couldn't possibly work could it?

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    • I swear, there are some people who get under our skin and make us crazy lol
      believe me I know. but we gotta fight it. I promise there's a healthy relationship out there where she cares for you as much as you do for her

  • I didn't even read your explanation but bitches be crazy man


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