My girlfriend left me alone for her Orthodox parents, what should I do, please help?

I have been in relationship from last 2 years, She left me just coz of her parents as they don't like me and my parents also against this marriage but I was sure that my girlfriend will accept me in any condition. I tried my family to convience but they are strictly against it n told me to left from home as they have two daugters to marry, I left my home as I don't have any choice they even not ask aftr that but after an year my girlfriend whom I treated as a wife also left me coz her parents don't want this relationship my family involved they told her that I m a fraud, I have uneven future but the truth is I have nice job handsome imcome, Savings and more importany love respect care about her, I told her that on marriage I will transfer my half aasest to her but she wants to see each n every account my bonds FD n all I decided to open it but my instinct told me that I have no demand from her except love care n loyalty n if someone loves will never ask for such things as trust is matter the most but her mother took her away from me all off sudden with so many lies n now she is completely chaged in 10 days n said me to backoff as your parents are not ready n we haven't spoke them, she start treatinh me like a shit only allegations she gave me after that. Now what should I do I m completely broken n I havet sleept from 2 days, I miss her like a mad feel like someone took off my wife from me, devasted tears panic n all happening, I m shocked how cud a person change like this whom I loved with pure heart. Sometimes I feel to commit suicide but I can't do thi coz it will create problems to them. What should I do now as her memory with me everywhere n I m getting worst day by day?


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  • Religion and families sadly can play a huge role in relationships. We are told that if it's true love it will find a way or "all you need is love"like the beetles song, but sadly there are more factors.

    I can see how your whole world has been torn apart. When ever you experience suddenly loss or change it hurts. It's also a really painful struggle to have envisioned a future, even relied on it, only to have it suddenly, drastically change.

    I'm sorry to say, but for now it's going to hurt. Until you come to a new normal.

    Let her have some space to figure out what she needs and what she is willing to sacrifice. Make sure she knows you care and miss her, but step back for a little bit.

    • While she is figuring herself out take the opportunity to take care of yourself. You deserved to be treated well and have happiness too. Indulge in good food, go to places you enjoy, work out and do something creative like draw, dance, sing, or create. Remind yourself of who you are, what you have to offer as a partner, and hopefully find a little self love.

      It is really attractive to see a man who can not only take care of himself physically, but mentally and emotionally too. Doing this can help you find your center again and be a better partner if you girlfriend returns or not. If not it will take time, but you will be a better man for an even better women.

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