My ex says his heart isn't in it anymore but I'm still crazy about him. Any advice?

So my recent ex of 2 1/2 broke up with me about a week ago. Here is a backstory:
For a while we have had problems with me not being a mature adult. Things weren't balanced and he felt the relationship was not fair. He says he felt like he had to micromanage me all the time. I have had a pretty sheltered life and usually had people to help me do things, so when he would tell me about the issues I would not really understand. Before the initial breakup I went through some changes in life. I realized I had to grow up and do things on my own. A short time after he opened up and told me how he felt and shortly ended the relationship after.
This breakup was a slap in the face for me and I realize everything that was wrong with my actions. I see my mistakes and have been working on changing them to be a mature woman. I have the tools to build a good foundation for us again and to move forward but he keeps saying his heart isn't in it. Although he is saying this, the weekend we spent together before the breakup (he broke up with me on a Sunday) was so wonderful just like usual. He told me he loved me and cared about me and there was so much chemistry just like there usually was. Before the breakup I was showing changes in my actions and things were getting better and he could see that they were because he even told me. I feel like he just didn't give me a long enough chance to truly show him how serious I am about all of this.
I miss everything about him and want him back so bad but no matter what I say or do he still says he wants something different. I love him and want to fight for him and our relationship and I want us to grow together.
Is there anything I can do to get him back? I can't get over it. I truly feel like he is the one for me and I can certainly see a future with us. Our relationship wasn't awful and I admit to the mistakes that I have made and am willing to fix them. He says he still cares about me. I just don't know what to do.


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  • the chances have been blown
    sorry that you realized it this late

    but don't expect too much out of it
    and dont try any more because in the slimmest of chances, you will probably drive him more away by trying to get him back


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  • I feel like the reasons he gave for breaking up were not entirely genuine.
    He's not willing to commit to a relationship with you any longer.
    The best thing would be to stop all contact and start focusing in your again. You said you have been improving recently, well keep on doing that, spend this time loving yourself and better yourself.
    If he ever does decide to come back, he will return to a stronger more wonderful woman and of he doesn't then you'll have spent the time wisely.


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  • move on, it's a dead end.


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