Why would a guy stalk his ex girlfriend from his car instead of texting her back?

Just wondering why this guy is stalking his ex girlfriend when she came back to visit town? They have been in contact since the breakup with only 2 months of no contact on her end and he got angry when she cut contact for 2 months saying to her "You haven't talked to me in 2 months what if I was in the hospital?" I don't get why he is saying all this to her when he was the one who broke up with her. Back to the stalking, well, he was watching her every move and when he saw her get in a car with a guy (she was partying) he sped up behind them and rode the guys tailgate with his music up loud. How do I know this? He didn't text me and a guy I know who is friends with him saw him out doing this. I don't know what to think based on his actions from this. Thanks


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  • I have no idea but I do hope that there's a restraining order at the ready.. 😅


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  • well clearly he isn't over her. he's jealous. from what you're saying, it's kinda obvious

    • That's what I was thinking to. I was thinking jealous and furious.

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    • He is 24

    • you should talk to him about this. maybe see why he did it from his pov

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