I met a girl on Twitter she has a boyfriend. her boyfriend is talking to other girls she is fed up with it what should I do next I like her?

She gave me her number recently she found texting of other girls in her boyfriend phone and I like her don't want to break her boyfriend up then live together he pays bills also?


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  • Just keep being there for her and support/listen to her

    • Ok, I am learning this guy likes girl thing step by step I'm a little shy of words in some areas and we actually came a lot closer within these few months she gave me her #

    • Nice bro

    • Yes it is a challenge I don't want to be to pushy. because she has lost to a bad break up before and now she is going through the same thing with her boyfriend

  • Get at her who cares lol

  • You should send her money to prove you love her.


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