Who is more in the wrong here?

Read this previous questions please so you can understand why he is acting like this https://www.girlsaskguys.com/relationships/q2399004-help-me-please-please

He went to a festival and had a girl up on his shoulders (I would have been okay with it, but there's no way he would be have been okay with me being on a guys shoulders) so I got mad at him. He also told me that he wasn't going to meet up with these girls that he met at a different festival a couple years ago (didn't want him to because he wanted to fuck the one) but he met up with them anyways. He also said he wouldn't be drinking alcohol, but he was drinking before he even got into the festival. He ended up breaking up with me saying that I was to much to handle.
We tried being friends and it actually was going pretty decently until last night. Me and him were on FaceTime and he kept pausing me to talk to his friend, I asked him who is was and he said a 15 year old black girl and he said he doesn't like black girls. And then he continued to pause me, so I hung up. He looked really guilty while we were on call. I ended up finding the girl, funny thing is, this girl totally adores me, she calls me Senpai (I used to quite popular on Instagram). And I had lost contact with her for awhile cuz I gave away my account (so it's not like he knew anything about her, also she has a forgettable face). So I messaged her asking if she was talking to him and she said that she was , and it was just normal talk and then it got weirder and he sent her a dick pic and was asking her to send him nudes and then she blocked him. So I messaged him and freaked on him. He always gave me shit for lying, but yet he thought it was okay for him to lie to me, it's really fucking hypocritical. I think he realized that he fucked up and just wanted me away so he wouldn't have to feel so bad, the he started calling me a slut (I fucked up in the past with drugs, and did something regrettable) and then he blocked me.

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Who is more in the wrong tho? Me or him.
I know I fucked yo and should have told the truth, but I was embarrassed. I pushed him to far. But I believe he was alittle to mean.
Make sure to read the previous question I have linked to understand this all and give me a good answer
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Help please. Answer this
Who is more in the wrong here?
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