How to get over it?

I need advice on how to get over a relationship with my one year old son's dad and my ex of 4 years.
I need advice on how to stop creeping on his social media every day of the hour.
I'm driving myself insane and i just want to get over it.. I'm doing myself no good being miserable wondering what he's doing and with who. But it's hard.


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  • i know I'm pretty young to understand that but i think you should try new things now that you never did before spend time with your child as much as possible and keep experiencing new things and along the path you might find someone you actually deserve


What Girls Said 1

  • Time. I see these questions everywhere on this website. Getting over someone takes time, it all depends on the person. There is no magic spell or pill to get over someone. Everyone after a breakup hopes they can just get over somone the next day and feel happy and hunky dory. But that's not it works. Time will go on and you'll forget him. You'll eventually find someone new


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