Guys, How can you tell he's really into you or just manipulating you?

Hello Gentlemen,

My former boyfriend and I use to have good chemistry. To my eyes, he had charisma, he's so manly, and sometimes he can be romantic ( even though I know romance fades as months and years goes by). He find ways to make me smile, laugh, and most importantly to be my genuine self with him. And I'm completely sure, he felt the same way with me ( because he admit it). The only flaw was, we lack communication and we're both stubborn as hell. Which is a trait of mine I need to work on. Anywhosies, we fought our battles... I mean, we had argued a lot. We would argue about each other and petty stuff. I talk a lot; way more than he does, and when I ran out of stuff to talk about I stare at him waiting for him to talk. He just gives me a few words, and it's a bit infuriating for me to have patience with him. Because, I have no clue what he likes, what his desires are ( even though he said it's me, Ha! cute bro, but really what are they!!) and what he plans in the future! So, we broke up (he got mad I didn't text him while he was at work. And yes, we argued but it was an ugly, disgusting argument and I couldn't take the venom that was already inside me. He didn't either, so he ended the relationship.) I don't despise him but after 3 months of not having any contact he messaged me. He had said " I miss you... and I felt lonely without you... forgive me please. I realize I really really do like you a lot."

So, I don't know why he messaged me after what he had said to me that had cause me to cry as I go to sleep just to ease the heart break and forget everything.


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  • make him back up his words with deeds.


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