Does my ex genuinely care about me?

My ex and I live in different cities because of work, we hadn't been dating for too long but I thought we still cared about each other a lot. We got into an argument because I couldn't come see him for a certain weekend and he used all my insecurities against me to hurt me. I told him to find a better looking girl who can be there whenever he wants then, but he said he was just upset because he really wanted to see me and that I was the girl he decided he wanted to be with because he thought I was genuine and he loved me and my body the way it is... I just recently broke it off with him because he kept saying nasty things when he didn't get what he wanted, usually because I couldn't travel to see him when planned. Anyway he's trying to get back with me, and I want to but... before I make up my mind, I wanna know if you think he genuinely likes me or just my body and the sex?


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  • I think you know the answer to your question by asking this. If everytime you can't and he throws your insecurities in your face, (the things he knows will hurt you the most) then he is abusive and you do not want him anyways. And he also sounds to me like he wants to use you for sex and calls whenever he's horny and for you to just come to him. Why do you always have to go?

    My advice: Move on there's billions of people in this world. The man of your dreams will be in your life before you know it just give it time. And I promise you Mr. Right won't mentally abuse you and use you for sex.


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  • Dump him. If he's psychologically abusive and doesn't want to respect your insecurities you need to find someone who won't do messed up shit like that. If your partner EVER does something you don't like and you don't address the problem, that person will continue, which always leads to an unhealthy relationship.


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  • Just your body and sex because he mentioned your body

    • Well I think he mentioned my body because I'm insecure about it. But I don't know

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