Stay with love or pursue carnal ways?

So I'm in this situation. There's a woman, and we love each very much. We've been through a lot, its been quite a unique experience and I want to expand on that. However, I also have strong urges to be with another woman.

I'm 23 years old and have had my fair share of sexual experience; however, I still, despite how shallow this sounds, I want to be with a girl with big breasts and just big all around. Thick. A little fat even. A little extra wouldn't hurt either. And this other women fits the bill perfectly. She's truly beautiful.

But I'm with someone I love. We recently got back together after a big reveal in her tough life that left me an emotional wreck to be honest. So, feeling betrayed, I broke up with her. We ended up talking it out and not were back together.
I still strongly desire to be with this other woman. And there's a party she'll be at in 2 days... what I should I do?

  • Be honest, break up with my girlfriend, and go for the girl
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  • Stay and forget the girl
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  • Take a break and get back with girlfriend after a month
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  • That's not love little man, you're playing games still. Prepare to have issues like this throughout all your life unless you learn to control yourself and learn the true value of a woman. You speak of this thicker girl like she's some kind of experience and I can assure you she deserves better than someone like you. Poor things, one only hopes they're smart enough to avoid you.

    • Fuck you. You don't know shit

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    • You're honestly fucked up.

    • Lol, says the guy who posted this question. I'm sorry but if you want real answers then don't ask stupid questions. You should be at an age where you know right from wrong.

  • the relationship you're into seem to make you unhappy... go find your right one


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