Stay with love or pursue carnal ways?

So I'm in this situation. There's a woman, and we love each very much. We've been through a lot, its been quite a unique experience and I want to expand on that. However, I also have strong urges to be with another woman.

I'm 23 years old and have had my fair share of sexual experience; however, I still, despite how shallow this sounds, I want to be with a girl with big breasts and just big all around. Thick. A little fat even. A little extra wouldn't hurt either. And this other women fits the bill perfectly. She's truly beautiful.

But I'm with someone I love. We recently got back together after a big reveal in her tough life that left me an emotional wreck to be honest. So, feeling betrayed, I broke up with her. We ended up talking it out and not were back together.
I still strongly desire to be with this other woman. And there's a party she'll be at in 2 days... what I should I do?

Be honest, break up with my girlfriend, and go for the girl
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Stay and forget the girl
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Take a break and get back with girlfriend after a month
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Stay with love or pursue carnal ways?
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