Girls, if I keep forgiving my girlfriend even if she didn't apologize, will she sees that as a sign of weakness?

my ex used to say very hurtful things when she gets upset for god knows why and when she calms dowen she talk to me as if nothing happened and never bothered to say anything to make me feel better, even if i tell her that i am mad with you for what you said to me she will act as if she dosent care at all she will make it clear that it doesn't matter what i feel she will not apologize or try to make things right with me.
i know women get emotional and talk it out and that never bothered me becouse i loved her so much and i will say whatever i can to make her feel better but to reach to the point that she says very hurtful things and she knows that i am very sad and hurting and she dont even bother to make me feel better is too much i think ,, i dont need an apology i just want to feel that i matter to her, i want to feel that she cares about my feelings, i want to feel that she dosent want to loose me.

i broke up with her because of this issue and i still love her but what she did realy brakes my heart, i am not tring to get back to her, but i want to ask was i too sensetive? was i impatient? i dont mind to let this go and even i will say what it takes to let her calm down because i know she didn't mean those words but she should at least show that she cares about how i feel, i dont want her to see this as a sign of weakness.
i need to know the women point of veiw


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  • She made it a habit of messing with your head/feelings and disregarding the aftermath. Someone who cares for you will NEVER put you through that.

    • thats what i keep telling myself but i didn't want to believe it, that's how bad i loved her.

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  • I don't think she would perceive it as weakness, but she will continue to walk all over you. It's good you got rid of her, because being that inconsiderate doesn't change.

  • Did you tell her why you broke up? Or just said you guys are on different paths. Communication is key

    • i explained exactly how i feel when she talks to me like that, but do you think she will even say anything like ( i didn't mean to hurt you) or ( i was very angry, don't be mad at me ) ? no, she doesn't..
      when i broke up with her it was immediately after she said some hurtful things and i told her i can't take this anymore it really looks like you dont care about my feelings at all, we are done.
      and she replies ( so what do you think i care ) !!! and i didn't hear from her for two weeks, after that she called to ask me if i was alright, not to say she is sorry,,
      i even tried to sit with her to talk about what happened because i had so much feelings for her and i didn't want to get hurt everytime i think of her, she didn't even respond to my message.
      then i realized that i shouldn't seek closer from the one who hurt me the most.

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    • that was the third chance !!!
      the last two times i was the one to sweet talk her out of the situation and it looked like i am the one apologizing.
      i am moving on

    • Good for you man

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