If he doesn't want me why does he still stalk my page?

We met January 2017 on IG. It was long distance because he is an entertainer and is only in my city rarely. I just got out of an abusive 4 yr relationship before meeting him. So I definitely had trust issues and insecurities to resolve but I wasn't looking for anything serious. Love comes in mysterious ways. I didn't expect to meet someone who was so much like me and vis versa. We are literally each others twin. He was head over heels for me literally. Facetimed me all the time. Even said I love you first.
My trust issues resurfaced and he is a bit of a flirt so it definitely tore us apart. Lots of distance. I wanted to fix things so I went to his hometown to see him. He really appreciated me being there but it didn't change how he feels he said. Now he tells me Im not the one for him and I got too much going on. I think he's too much of a flirt and thats an issue for me but I understand as an entertainer its part of his job. Now we dont speak or follow each other but he keeps up with everything Im doing on social media. What does that mean? Is he over me or just playing a game?


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  • Either curious about you & whatchu doing or just borred


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