Black Chyna & Rob Kardashian?

I've noticed that I didn't see #getout on any of Rob's IG of Twitter posts yesterday. #hypocrites


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  • I'm confused about the question. What is so hypocritical about that? The #getout is usually directed at the black person in the interracial relationship. If he used that tag it would be really out of place simply because he wasn't the subject of that the movie of you know what I mean.

    • I meant the commenters. I bet you took remedial classes in school.

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    • Sure I took remedial classes and your question was poorly worded. You said you didn't see it on any of his posts you didn't say anything about commenters until now. The answer is it's too late to have told him this anyway. He has a daughter with her and even Stevie Wonder knew her plan all along. I don't know why I bother.

    • "on" is the key word. It could mean that he himself or commenters wrote the #getout

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