What to do about previous lovers!!?

Should I be OK with my girlfriend talking with guys she has been with before. We both cut off communication with all of our ex's...but what about friends with benefits? I have no idea what to think about this please provide some insight.

If he messages her on Facebook regardless of what he says...I just think about how he hooked up with my girl. I don't know its weird but I don't feel like I should limit who she contacts with. What she did before does not matter now I don't care.


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  • well if you feel uncomfortable with her talking to the guy than you should tell her it and explain why you feel that way. and if you get a bad feeling about it, go with it and tell her that. and don't second guess that feeling because well sometimes it's better to act paranoid when something is going on than not to


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  • nah that's a bad idea the friends with benefits guy will get in your girlfriend head and mess around with her and fuk her unless you don't mind.

  • im not OK with it and I won't date a women that lives like this. Uhh if it bothers you now it will probably always bother you. I don't think they should talk to friends with benefits either.

    • Of course you shouldnt limit people that's trying to change somebody. you need to get over it but I don't think that's going to happen or just move on. it doesn't make you a bad person. If that's how she wants to live her life and its going to cause you stress I would just leave her before you waste to much time.

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