Signs a rebound won't last?

My ex rebounded with this guy 2 months ago, they're still dating but 1. They won't make it official on social media 2. They never post photos of each other 3. He is my exact opposite 4. She is showing interest in music she used to detest 5. She seems really happy, like the 3 YEAR relationship just didn't happen 6. She hasn't contacted me since they started dating
7. She listens to sad breakup songs sometimes

I was the one who initially left her because we needed space but she rebounded within a month of the breakup and within a couple DAYS of the breakup itself said she was doing really well. We were really deeply in love and planning on getting married in like a year or two. She was devastated when I told her we needed to breakup. I tried to reconcile 2 months later and that's when she rejected me. Now she seems just unaffected by the breakup, though I haven't seen her and only have social media to go off of. She does have anxious attachment. What's going on?


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  • Sad thing to hear is that you need to move on.

    Maybe you need to rebound on your own. Pursuing her with reckless abandon is not attractive. It looks weak. The best way to get her interest is to go back to being the awesome interesting person you used to be.

    • Yeah I've left her alone and focused on myself. I'm moving on as much as I can, but part of me will always love her

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    • Did you read my question or are you just giving generic advice? No offense you just seem to be ignoring my points

    • new relationships are fun, you get to figure out a brand new person and go through all those first things again

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