Why break up with a girl who treated you right?

I dated this guy for little over 5 months. I am 24 and he is 29.
He would have at least 4 beers on his way home and them have a few more once he got home. He did this mon-thurs. Come Friday morning, he would make himself a mixy right away at either 7 or 8 AM. it didn't bother me at first because it was his weekend. He'd drink a couple mixy and then passout. Wake up 2 hours later, eat something, drink again and then pass out.
After the first month, I noticed how much of a prick he would get. Everything I said or even didn't day anything at all he would get upset with me. He had "kicked me out" several times, but I never left because he was drunk when he said it and he forgot about it anyways the next morning. If I brought everything he said or did the next morning, the only response I get would be "well don't piss me off then." I have been told to "get fucked" "get the fuck out of my house" He has said 1 threat to me that he isn't afraid to hit a girl if they pissed him off enough.
There has been several times where he would be drunk and get on his motorcycle and take off for an hour. Then he would always come back and just passout. Whenever he wakes up, he gets all cuddly and acts like nothing happened.
I let the drunk him beat me up emotionally and let all of those feelings bottle up inside me. I stressed drank one night and everything came out. I apologized and he was forgiving because he said he deserved it. He slowed down for about 2 weeks and then for some reason he picked back up again. I stressed drank again and blew up and he broke up with me. We were both drunk and once again, he took off on the bike, came back and passed out.
He knows he hurts people and he doesn't seem to care. He told me he didn't want to be in a serious relationship. Hated the fact of how much he was starting to like me. He obviously was not happy for awhile and maybe that is why he broke up with me? Why break up with a girl who treated you right?
Why break up with a girl who treated you right?
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