Did she really move on this fast?

This girl who's had feelings for me since she's been friends with me finally admitted to liking me. and I admitted to liking her back. First time that either of us have done this but she cheated on her boyfriend with me.

They break up and she tells she wants to be with me but she just needs time to be single for a while. she's been in and out of relationships for the past 5 years and just wants to be single for a while and not ready for a relationship right now. Fine I get it.

Over the next month she's telling me she loves me and we're having sex but right after the sex she gets mad and says we need to stay friends and we can't p. I told her ut ourselves in situations to have sex cause she can't help herself around with me. That lasted for a month.

She then pulls a 180 on me and says we need to go back to how we were before just being friends and stopped with the I love you and the sex stopped.

I told her that we can't back to just being friends and I can't and dont want to even.
Her response was if she can hold back feelings for me as hard as it is I should be able to as well. Thing is I dont want to.

So she gave me option be friends or leave her alone. I choose to stay as her friend but it didn't last.
I told her I dont want to be friends I want more.

She says if thats the case we'll freaking date then. Knowning that isn't what she wants I told her no and she asked if this was goodbye. She sent a text saying I'll miss you but I haven't responded.

Thing is this all took place over like 2 months. I know no contact isn't always guranteed to work and its more so for the the person rejected but should I continue with it? its only been 2 days?

I really do like this girl but I feel like even though she still wants to go to movies and walk through parks and all this other stuff she's over me.
Couldnt fit this in but just mention her ex sent me a rage text saying things like he knew something was going on the whole time, he should he broke it off the moment she said my name while those two were having sex.
(We had not done anything at this point mind you)


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  • some people just move on in short time


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