Should I test my boyfriend loyalty?

a couple of days ago i checked his phone and saw that he was messaging another girl on twitter. they had barely introduced themselves and the conversation stopped the day after due to her not replying.
i confronted him and told him that i couldn't be with him because after this i was never going to trust him so he gave me his passwords so that i would stay. he changed his passwords the next day and offered to give them to me again but i said no (i'm still logged in but he doesn't know) we're still together but i want to know if he's going to really be faithful on the future so i messaged the girl that he was messaging. i told her everything and asked her if she would send him a message again so i could see if he would reply to her or ignore her for me. She agreed to message him but now i don't k ow if i want to go through with it.
Im scared of him replying and having to break up with him. and i also feel like i could be pushing it because it wouldn't be him initiating a conversation anymore... help me ­čśş
+1 y
i tried breaking up with him on Tuesday and it was just too sad and it wasn't what i wanted but the reason i fell like i maybe should "test him" is because i don't want this to happen again but i do love him
Should I test my boyfriend loyalty?
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