He is a Marine and I don't know if I want to take the risk... Should I try or just let him go?

I met a guy when I was in Wisconsin and he's really cute. He works for the free flying ride and I want on with him when he was working. He asked for my number and we started texting. he stopped texting me for a while but we started texting again and he told me he's going to the marines in a year. He also was asking why I deleted his number and him off Facebook. But he keeps posting his status as miss her already and miss her but I don't know who it is about? I told him I didn't want to get hurt and start liking him and then him just leaving to the marines. After I told him that he said why can't we be friends... should I try to be friends or should I just let him go and never talk to him again?


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  • You'll never know unless you try and if it starts getting to serous then you could try to stop but you can't live your life on the sideline you may get hurt but you may also be passing up a great guy. I vote for you to go for it.

  • chances are when he goes into the marines yall won't talk much so you developing or keeping romantic feelings like that are slim.

    so try and stay friends.


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