Was Blocking Him the Right Thing to Do?

So a month ago I met this guy who was practically head over heels for me. I met his family, he showed me baby pictures of himself, he took pictures of both of us, and he did all sorts of cute stuff like walking me to my car and opening doors for me. Everything was great until recently when he got super distant. He went from wanting to talk to me daily to just keeping our snap streak. Then last night I sent him a snap trying to know when he was free to hang out next. An hour after he opened it the next morning, he sent me a snap of a peace sign that said "I'm just trynna fuck 🙁". So I blocked him because I've had my doubts and I'm a virgin so I'm not ready for that. All I wanna know is how a guy goes from wanting to meet my parents 3 weeks ago to this? Was blocking him the right thing to do because he's shown no interest in continuing to get to know me and just spend time with me? I was very upfront about my virginity and how I feel about sex at the very beginning ( I told him I want my first time to be with someone I'm in love, and he told me it was a "nice fantasy"). We have to work together for another few months, so any advice?


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  • I think it was a good idea to block him. He apparently was using you and getting close to you so he could get into your pants (which happens often).

    You have stated your boundaries and he said all he wanted you for.

    Keep him blocked and just be cordial at work. Keep coworkers separate from your love and sex life for this reason.

    Good luck!


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  • Don't listen to any bad answers, of course there will be some like the one... but I do believe you did the right thing by blocking him, why go through all that just to get laid that's not right... that's something usually a guy does when he wants to be serious and eventually marry


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  • ya it was dumb. unless you never want to here from him again there is no reason to block

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    • Well he's been making no effort to even contact me so I don't think it's gonna change anything. If anything, I'm glad I don't have to constantly wonder if or when he's gonna talk to me. Any recent contact before I blocked him has been completely impersonal.

    • mmm probably because you blocked him. if you didn't you would have a better answer

  • I think he was blacmailed.
    Or he is actually being upfront with you.
    He seems like a good guy, anyway.

  • dude's not worth it... I think you did the right thing... nice move ✋


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