Why is there permanent alimony and how common is it?

I know a guy who is a surgeon and he has been divorced for 20 years but still pays alimony and constantly has his ex texting and calling and demanding for additional money on top of the alimony... like she was demanding him send her 30,000 and she has a doctorate degree and won't get a job. The marriage ended because she cheated on him and left him. How is this a law? I understand paying alimony a few years to help the other get back on their feet but permanent alimony?


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  • Because women are so Strong, Empowered, and Independent, and 'don't need no man'.

    Vagimony is a throwback to the days when divorce was uncommon. If the man cheated and the marriage ended, she got vagimony because she wasn't as likely to be able to support herself as she is today. If she cheated, she got NOTHING.

    Feminazi hatepigs are the main reason vagimony still exists, with white knights and cucks being the other main reasons.

    Vagimony... one more good reason to not get married.


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  • no such thing. Alimony is until the person you divorced remarries.

    • And if they don't remarry, or she can convince a judge that she still needs that money, then yes, it is in fact for life.

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  • I didn't even know this was a thing.

    • Yea, they have been divorced for 20 years and I was curious and I looked up alimony laws and found that it is a thing. I personally think that's bull.

    • I think the same.

  • there is more to this story lol

  • Man he had a shitty lawyer

    • Not necessarily. In some states, if you're married a certain amount of time, she gets vagimony for life. Period, full stop.

      CA, FL, and NY come to mind immediately, but I think there are more.

    • @Barrabus_the_Free that doesn't mean anything my lawyer got me off Scott free many times including when I was charged with assault with a deadly weapon after cutting a priest dick and balls off with a rusty knife

    • Criminal court and civil court are VERY different.

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