I broke up with my ex a week ago. If I ignore media for 3 months. How should I approach him? Should I?

We go to the same college, follow each other on media (snap, insta). I believe we broke up because I'm clingy but he said he doesn't have time for me because he's going to get his second job and in a month have school but was able to go to the beach and plan to hang with friends. I want to make myself less clingy and live a life but can I get my ex back? Or should I say fuck it. I post my fun activities on snap like exercising and food. Is it possible to make a re attraction. I normally wear normal clothes so I went to go buy some holister clothes for my self to feel sexier.


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  • You think you can be friends with an ex? Smh lmfao You think you can reconcile and ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after? Roflmfao


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