Why did she just break up with me for no exact reason?

I've been taking care of her when she was down, i did everything in my power to make her happy.


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  • Are you really 13?
    Asking such a question I wish I never have a kid I'm scared I'm scared universe parallel universes God or gods of you exist for real angels whatever help me...

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    • That's not bible at all... I am an atheist... never read the Bible
      Anyways what I'm saying is if this kid is 13 asking for a break up it's just weird.
      My advise for this month is wait until you reach 14 still bad but it's better than 13

    • young adults are dating earlier these day. my first date/first boyfriend was at his age. just because you seem to have an issue with it doesn't mean his feelings are any less hurt. people his age long to feel love the way adults do, its normal to be curious, and actually quite normal for tweens/teens to date/experiment. they arnt looking for strangers approval

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  • sometimes people dont feel the same. unfortunately although you took care of her that gives her no obligation to stay with you. it sucks and i have been there myself

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    • no problem. best of luck

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