I don't know how to cope anymore with my break up and lost of my baby and I don't know what to do?

Ex boyfriend and me broke up during my pregnancy and then I lost my baby this YEAR. Its been a few months and I messaged him today because, I can't cope dealing with the pain alone anymore but, his the main contributer of this pain thats why I let him be and LEFT even though I don't wanna be with him I miss him because his the closest person to my baby even though I won't be able to forgive him for anything he said during my pregnancy to me but I can't cope anymore and am on a waiting list of four months to see my phchologist but I started having nightmares and I've been crying so much that my head hurts and my EX DOESN'T EVEN CARE ABOUT ME&I KNOW HE'LL IGNORE ME BUT I HAVEN'T MESSAGED HIM AT ALL THESE FEW MONTHS BUT NOW MY HEART IS YEARNING FOR MY BABY AND I CAN'T COPE ANYMORE ACTING LIKE AM STRONG, CONFIDENT AND HAPPY WHEN AM NOT. I'VE ENDURED A BREAK UP AND A DEATH AND PEOPLE KEEP TALKING LIKE THEY'VE FELT MY PAIN AND HOW I FEEL AND I CAN'T GET NONE OF THEM BACK AND AM ALONE NOW AND I CAN'T CONTINUE ANYMORE I can't forget anything and I've tried keeping busy but it doesn't make me forget what he did to me and the hell I went through because of him and I just vented today all my trapped feelings and he switched his phone off!


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  • I proposed to a girl about 2 years ago and got a no it took me about 2 months before I broke down and cried I had to grieve the loss of a close friend and you do too that and your baby im so sorry for your loss if you ever want to talk ill listen I know it isn't easy ill be praying for you

    • Thank you so much and I'll be honest the thing is am tired of speaking to my friends about the pain am feeling like I feel like I'm boring them and other people around me and I kept it in for months my emotions and I was secretly crying continuously every night but now I just wanna cry and go somewhere alone and vent my pain out and grieve myself without people saying that time will heal because clearly it's not right now and not only that my family don't know that I was pregnant because everything happened so quick and my elder sister doesn't let me cry over my baby but she hates my ex and she keeps associating the baby to him saying I shouldn't miss him and I know his a arsehole but I feel the physical pain of my nightmare me getting shot for keeping my baby and it relates to my reality of my ex he didn't want me to have my baby so I let go off him and then I lost it.

    • you cared about the guy its totally fine to cry over him he may have been an butthole but he was yours and it hurts... the pain dose go away but I still have days where I just miss holding and talking to someone its not a bad thing to feel that way

    • ... your friends will have a hard time understanding because its not something they've gone through...

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