Never going to see him again?

He was a great guy. I saw him last month at my uni and he was always staring and looking at me. He tried lots of activities to catch my attention but never made any moves like talking or smiling. He only stared the hell out of me.
Finally I made the move and we spoke. It was a very brief encounter but we exchanged names and he touched me.
Though later on, he started ignoring me though he would look in my direction.

I did not know much about him though I had begun to like him a lot. The way he used to look at me, it was beautiful. It was such a pure and loving look he used to give me and I felt so appreciated by his gestures. I never felt he gave me cheap looks. Those looks were always of pure admiration.

However, I found out that he was here only for 1 term and he flew back to his home country.
This really broke my heart. I had begun to like him and for the first time in my life, someone had looked at me with so much appreciation. I can never forget that.

I guess he started ignoring me because he knew he was going back and he also seemed inexperienced in terms of dating and women.

All I'm left is with memories of how he acted around me and our first and last encounter. It breaks my heart that I will never see him again.

Though he was heavily attached to a human Rights organization at the university and even though he had finished his degree, he was still working for them before he left.

I had so many hopes and dreams of getting to know him but its all gone.
How do I get over my heartache? I dont know how he feels or how he thinks as it was him who was first attracted to me but I really can't bear this pain anymore.

We only encountered each other for 3 weeks but those 3 weeks proved to be unforgettable.
What do I do to heal myself?
Never going to see him again?
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