How do I make him regret losing me?

I used to date a guy a while back and he dumped me. We were never really together but did most of the things people do in relationships. However I went through a rough path with my family at that time and acted reaaaally insecure. We got into a fight and he 'broke up'. I tried getting him back several times, appeared needy and did all the mistakes you can imagine. :'D He told me we will never be in a relationship so I left him alone. We didn't talk for ages, however for some reason he kept my number. So three weeks ago me and my best friend went clubbing and the club posted a picture of us on facebook. During that night he messaged me there saying 'Cool Photo'. I just replied 'thanks'. The conversation ended there, however he started watching my Whatsapp story/status, which he had never done before, so I feel like he has taken some interest in my life again. I know I'm most likely interpretating too much into it, and I'm not really devastated about the 'breakup' anymore but I still have feelings for him and deeply miss him. Is there anything I can do to make him miss me/regret losing me? Like, what kinds of posts would make a girl seem interesting to you if you were a guy?
I really messed up back then so I feel like what happened is my fault, but I've changed and worked a lot on myself. He's pretty much the man of my dreams, so if there's any chance I would like to take it.
How do I make him regret losing me?
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