Is my ex thinking of me?

So... I saw my ex the other day and we didn't talk, we only saw each other from afar but that same day later on I saw he was listening to our song on Spotify…

Probably just a coincidence that I'm trying to give a meaning to and I don't know if guys attach emotionally to songs like girls.

My question here is: was he thinking about me? Or am I going crazy for good?


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What Guys Said 2

  • This could purely be coincidental, some guys never get attached to things like a some, other guys really do, this is very unique and you'd probably know best of all which kind of person he is.
    If he doesn't think I'll of you or in anyway gets angry feelings from you there's a good chance that he's reminiscing good times and memories he shared with you. This does not necessarily mean that he wants you back as his partner, but he might be missing the good life he shared with you.

    • yes, it was an amicable break up and we tried to stay friends but since I still like him I tried to stay away for some time. But I still miss him a lot

  • Certain songs illicit certain feelings and emotions in me every time I hear them. Like certain songs bring me back to a time in my life where I was listening to the song a lot. So assuming most humans are like that, chances are he was at least thinking of you when he heard it. Wether he chose to listen to it because he saw you or it just happened to come up is a different story. If he listened to that song a lot when you two were together then yeah he was most likely honking of you while listening.

    • *thinking of you

    • well it was him that showed me that song and we listened to it together in the night of our first kiss, so maybe he was thinking of me but doesn't necessarily means that he wants me back

What Girls Said 1

  • Coincidence.

    • actually it was not only that song in particular, he created a playlist on Spotify (ok, I might have stalked a little) with the name of the song and added other songs from bands we used to listen or went to a concert together‚Ķ but I think it's best to see it as a coincidence, if he wants something to change he should act :(

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