I didn't start it, but I sure as hell ended it!

my best friend of 9 years and I dated for just under a month, I ended it because I think she went out with me out of pity which bites. that was two days ago. yesterday when I call her at noon this douche answers. now me and this guy don't get along at all. he is the poster child for high school assholes. he threatened to hurt me if I called her again. now I know he only wants her for sex and I won't stand for him getting with her, I actually love her. so at around 6ish I drive over to her house, when she answers he is right there. he moves around her and gets at me about he won't let me hurt her again. when I ignore him and try to talk to her he trips me and yells at me, hey listen faggot, she doesn't want you. the moment I look at her for "approval" to speak he punches me. I don't know what came over me at that moment but I freaked punched him a few times and knocked him unconscious. after doing so I helped take him to the hospital and then left. what to do. I love this girl, if I can't have her, no way that f*** can. I need her, she is about my only friend


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  • This story breaks my heart.

    You need to tell her that you still love her. Whether or not you guys get together, she needs to know how you feel about her. You can love a person and not be with them. She probably doesn't understand fully why you broke up with her and the depths of feeling you have for her.

    I'm sure she's confused about everything. Straighten it out by being honest and see where it goes from there.

    Good luck.


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  • good job for kicking some ass. Bad boys seem to think they can fight because their louder then you. ha

    • He had it coming I suppose, kinda why I hate him so much

  • The goal was to talk to her, you got the guy out of the way and then...left? Tell her how you feel!

    • I did and turned away. I don't why I'm not good enough for I guess is more appropriate

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    • Well you're the one who ended it, tell her you made a mistake and that you need her back and that you love her and that you're sorry for any pain you've caused her.

    • Thts bout all I can do I suppose

  • Cool story bro


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