Should I stay or walk away?

I been with my boyfriend for 10 months we had an amazing relationship everything about it was perfect, my family love him and I love him and his family. The last few months we have been bickering on and off but it sorts itself out and is back to being perfect. Only the last week or so it's been awful. I feel he may have a drink problem. He doesn't wake up at drink, but once he starts he can't stop. I've asked him to cut down he agreed he needed to but hasn't. I found out last weekend he had started using cocaine again 3 days in a row, which I'm 100% against I don't do drugs and it really annoys me when he does. He nearly ended our relationship. He agreed not to do it again and he will do drug test whenever I ask. Anyway I'm working very early tomorrow and I asked him not to go out drinking this weekend as I struggle to sleep when I know he's not home more so now because of the drug problem. Well he went out after work he told me around 8pm he would be heading home soon and he was out for the night around 9 I asked if he would be back before 11 he said around 11.30 which I though was rude but I just said ok. At 11.30 I said u back yet so I can call but no and he's still out now at 1.30. I feel extremely disrespected by him and I don't know what to do. Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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  • I would end things, obviously he's more concerned about doing only what he wants!


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