How to tell someone something without being mean but honest about it?

My ex and I have had this one again off again thing where he says he wants this to work out but he has to work on some personal things first. its been almost 8 months.. last month when we checked in on each other he said that he wanted us to be happy and wanted to take things slow but It seems like he just checked out or as you would say ghosted me.. if I send him something he doesn't respond till almost a day later.. how do I tell him to stop.. that I'm feeling used and he says that I deserve to be treated better be he's still treating me like crap.. I'm starting to feel like this isn't going anywhere and that I've given him enough space and time to figure out what he wants... how do i tell him that without pushing him away further... any suggestions?


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  • Don't worry about his feelings. Only be concerned about yours and how you feel

    • How do I communicate it to him

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