My ex boyfriend messages me out of the blue after strict radio silence then doesn't reply when I respond? What's his end game?


I broke up with my ex boyfriend a little over a month ago after an incredibly stressful week in which he had slipped back into his paranoia. He's been overseas and has very bad PTSD, and while he never physically did anything to try and hurt me, he could never stop himself from seeing everything and everyone around him as a threat. Including me. We were very serious, and had even been living together, and after months of finally figuring out healthy coping methods and practicing communication, I was over the moon. Then a month ago, all of the progress that we had managed to make just took a nose dive and he dropped right back into that pit of paranoid 'someones-out-to-get-me'. I've always been able to handle his fits, but during this episode he began to get very... well mean. He had never said things like that to me. It wasn't names or anything, just constantly pointing out flaws or things that I had done wrong in the relationship. Now I'm no saint but I've been a damn good woman to him and I know that, so I made the decision to break it off.
After a day of constant mean messages, I told him to just leave me alone and he did. I tried texting him only one time, asking a question about stuff that he had left at my apartment and only got mean messages in response, which I didn't reply to. So after about 3 weeks of absolute silence, he messages me out of the blue asking about my dog (she just had puppies). He had wanted one when we were together, and I replied, not wanting to hold my dog ransom because of our breakup. I wanted him to have one of them because he had really wanted one. I got nothing in reply. I messaged him a day later, asking him what he wanted me to do with the mail that I was still getting for him, and still nothing. What the heck is going on? Is this some kind of game?


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  • He needs mental help.


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