Ways to get over heart break - Crying?

I got dumped about 5 weeks ago and the girl jumped right in another relationship with someone else.

I have been trying to act as tough as I can. I have told very few people about this. I have been emotionally distant and aloof more than usual. It's been impossible for me to smile.

When she dumped me I did bring up an emotional issue at one point during our conversation (we were face to face). I almost broke down but I stayed tough. She mentioned that "although I do a lot of tough guy things...but you really sensitive". The last thing I wanted was to appear more sensitive because I TRULY believe that is one the reasons she lost interest in me. Sensitive men are NOT attractive they are NOT masculine.

Well there have been a few times where I almost broke down by myself due to the crushing loneliness I'm feeling. I toughened up and kept going.

However I am wondering if I do cry...would it help me feel better?
Ways to get over heart break - Crying?
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