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Over the course of a year, I developed feelings for a woman. We were close friends that became lovers. One day, my life came to a brick wall. I lost my business and got put into a situation where I cannot see her. I cannot see her because my business partner poisoned her against me and will literally try to take my life if he sees me. There really is nothing the law can do about it because one of us will end up dead. Either I spend the rest of my life behind bars or 6ft under. I cannot see her. She cut all communication with me and even blocked me on social media. It kills me inside that I can't see her. Basically, he stole the company's money to fund a drug habit and I claimed my share and left. The business was lost as a result of bad management on his part after my departure. He blames me for the company's failure. Fortunately, there is some good news to this. That business partner is leaving the country by the end of the year and never coming back. The woman and I were super close and I have feelings that won't go away no matter who I bring to my bed or how much time passes. I feel like it is something that was left undone and needs closure. I am not entirely sure what I want out of her. She was very special. I feel deep down that she thinks about me the same way too. She had feelings and they got hurt from other people's lies and gossip. I need to see her again at least one more time. I want to show her that I was able to pick myself out of the dirt and make it again without my old partner. This time that I cannot see her or talk to her will be used to better myself. Just that pleasure alone (to sit next to her and talk) would answer so many other questions. This long wait of six months without seeing her is what is driving me crazy. To pop up back in her life after that much time has passed could bring me an unwanted outcome OR a fresh start with her. What does anyone think about this? Am I thinking logically or am I just not thinking straight? I need opinions


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  • So make a new account on the social media, search her name, add her, make the profile picture her type of a guy she'd be into, make your profile private so she becomes curious. Eventually after you try to post something she'd like or a quote she'd agree with, try to message her and don't say it's you, try to meet up with her. Once she sees you, you can explain to her. Tell her to give you a chance when you see her because if you didn't care about her you wouldn't have made this attempt. This all of course once your old partner is gone, out of the country because you can see her when he leaves right? She could take it either way a fresh start or not, you can ask her after the explanation but your words and actions will have great influence on it is all I know when you see her.

    • If you know her mailing address, try to send her some nice letters once he leaves the country, then you can try calling her from a different number to at least see if she still has the same number, if you ever had her number, and if she received your mail.

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    • She doesn't know the truth that's why she hasn't contacted you and yeah I don't know if you read the part but I said not to do anything right now until your old partner leaves for good. I see what you're saying but don't keep thinking about the past, all you can do know is move forward and try to make all the wrong things in your life, right again. You can explain it to her maybe in a letter before you tell her you miss her.

    • Once your old partner leaves town for good though. Instead of these negative thoughts, start having positive thoughts about how it'll all work out again for you soon and how she'll be glad to hear the truth from you more face to face and that you can back up what your telling her about the position you were forced to be in and the pressure you got put under, the lies, how you couldn't see her, all of that.

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