Should I have given up long ago?

I started to date this girl 4 years ago, and although we were casual the first 6 months, we had a very special connection. We didn't date very long because of a religious difference. So, over the next two years, some odd things happened between us.
We ended on bad terms, and due to some personal issues, I deleted my social media, and discovered that after I re made them, she kept watching them.
Towards the end of 2015 I reached out to her because of a dream I had of her. She was very confontational in the conversation and said how hurt she was by me for how I disappeared. She said she didn't want anything to do with me anymore.
Six months later, I had deleted my Facebook and gotten a new number. But she messaged me on Instagram, and then called me saying she had a visit from the holy ghost and it told her to contact me. (Shes LDS, and I'm not) we wound up talking on the phone for nearly 6 hours.
After a few months, I told her that I had fallen in love with her before she broke things off two years prior. She told me a month later she had fallen in love with me, but also decided to go on a mission.
I did a lot to back up my love to her, I had the promise rings I had bought still, and tried to convince her mom my intentions.
I proposed in November of 2016, and she left for her mission in December.
She really started to push me away and act differently before she left.
I had broken my back this January and because of that and her, we had difficult conversations at first. She told me on Valentine's day that God told her to leave my life.
I reached out to her declaring my love once again for her and explaining myself. She told me we could not work out because of the different religions, and started to push the church on me.
She told me she has moved on and her life is going in a different direction. But when I told her goodbye she said she wanted to stay in my life, and wants me to not disappear again.
I know she loves me still, and is affected by her mission.


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  • just support her through her mission. if you love her, you want her to be happy

    • I can't be in her life to watch someone else love her when she comes back

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    • it's just not fair. she has treatede like trash since she left and wants to stay friends

    • but you need to move on. I understand how upsetting it is. be glad that she wants you in her life in the first place. I have no friends atm... you'll be there for her for every one of her breakups. 😊

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