How do you deal with a break up like this😞?

Well my boyfried has recently been ignoring me and showing no intresrt what so ever for a couple of weeks but recently he's been COMPLETLY HAVING NO CONTACT WITH ME... I tried to talk to him but he just ended up hanging up and ignoring my calls when I tried to call him. I'm going to take this as we are done because there's nothing more I can do because he just ends up ignoring me. It really hurts me that he's doing this to me because I'm lost and would like closure. He was my first everything and it's really hard for me to not think about him or what he's doing or why he's doing this to me. I loved him and cared so much for him I was there for him at his lowest I was there for him when he would make mistakes and wanted my help. It frustrates me knowing how easy this is for him to do to me while I'm over here hurting and crying in bed. I honestly don't know how to deal with this and if anyone has some advice I would really appreciate it. Or if he does end up calling what should I say? We have also been dating for a year and seven months


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  • when you ride the relationship roller-coaster the lows really suck. the price we pay for the unbelievable highs! has either of you said the words "it's over"? there's definitely nit something going on for him he couldn't tell you about? you haven't been unfaithful and he's found out? he's not found someone new? there must be a reason, to up sticks and leave you after over a year and a half. he'll be hurting too. if he insists on not talking to you then you have to just rose above it and accept that's the case. hang out with your friends do stuff, go bowling, trips out to the zoo or paintballing, physical activity can help you a lot, makes you feel better and takes your mind off of it. you might also process it differently and make a realisation of what has happened. I'm sorry for you, losing a loved one is literally the worst. just try and take comfort in knowing you have loved, when love came along, so you can love again when it decides to come back in whoever it may be :)

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    • have you asked him if you are over? or has he said he needs some time to sort his family out? he may well be needed elsewhere so simply can't give you time. it sucks for you but if he's struggling try and be patient. it's hard to not say to him he's making you hurt but if he's under a lot of stress already it may be tactless to tell him, you can tell him when he's come out the other side of whatever he's going through and if he loves you too he'll make it up to you :) have you offered to help him out? like picking up shopping or anything he might need help with? if you know another of his family members you could maybe ask them how he's doing and if they can tell you how you can help him if he can't say it himself. still, I'd say hang out with your mates and stay busy so you don't have to get sucked in too deep in his vacuum of sadness. :) keep us updated?

    • Thank you I really appreciate it!:) should I ask how he's doing or should I just wait till he decides to text me? Either way I'm going to try and make plans today and I will keep you updated:)

  • what's done is done. you are 18-24, not 58-64. people come and go. another one will come into your life. 'first' doesn't mean 'best'. it is clear he needs space from you, probably permanently an doesn't even care enough to give you a straight answer. i'd be mad, not sad.

    • Trust me I am mad but I'm trying to calm my self because I don't want to stress my self so much over this and your right but it's so much easier said then actually getting over it at least for me.. anyways thanks

    • I know it's easier said than done, I'm a stranger after all, not a person involved in all said above

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  • I deal with a break up by moving the fuck on deleting ever picture of us everything and anything the past is the past and look forwards to the future. I also don't ever try to contact that person ever again they are irrelevant and I go on with my life.


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